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Our talented team of professionals provides management and business consulting services to businesses, charitable non-profits, churches and medical practices.

We specialize in transforming your current church administration into new business practices.

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Develop, market and implement business and transformation plans:

We will work with your business to produce or provide a business or transformation plan that is tailored to your needs and assist in its implementation in order to achieve your vision.

Provide consulting services to assist medical practices:

GPP Consulting provides a variety of consulting services to assist medical practices improve effectiveness and efficiency. Our qualified team of management consultants will work with your practice to review current administrative methods and trends and formulate strategies that will help to enhance your practice and make it more effective and efficient.

Assist non-profit organizations (including churches) to update their current business practices and performance:

Our qualified consulting team is available and capable to help you manage your overall business activities, provide updates to current methodologies, as well as provide the necessary training needed to keep your non-profit organization current on regulatory standards and guidelines.

We specialize in transforming the administration of churches, helping to propel them into current acceptable business practices.

Our Mission:

“Making a re-vision of your vision”!

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What is Consulting?

We hear clients say they’re not sure they need consulting services, and often times we find that what they’re not sure of is what consulting services actually entail.  Well, here is a video to help add some clarity and help you understand what the broad industry of “consulting” truly involves.

A Consulting Agency

Our talented consulting team is available and capable to manage your overall business activities. Let us work with you to help you make your business more marketable and increase your profits.

Forward Thinking

Let GPP Consulting’s team of innovative thinkers enhance your organization’s vision and discover hidden opportunities.

Problem Solvers

There are no problems – only opportunities. Our talented team of innovative thinkers will work with you and your team to uncover hindrances or hidden opportunities and develop solutions to help you meet or exceed your goals.

Our Core Services

Develop transformation plans

  • We will work with your business to create business and marketing plans tailored for your company.
  • Our team can also create or update resumes.

Revise and Create Policies and Procedures

  • Our team can create or revise policies and procedures, bylaws, manuals, job descriptions, resumes and other business documents.
  • Ghost or speech writers.

Prepare and/or negotiate contracts

Let us help you negotiate your next contract or business agreement. Our team of contract negotiators has over 35 years of negotiating experience and is available to assist or represent your business

Formulate strategic plans

  • We will work with you to formulate or revisit strategic plans and update as needed.
  • Our team will assist your organization in determining and deciding its economic solutions in order to increase growth and margins.
  • We are available to obtain and analyze metrics and reports to identify growth and profit opportunities.

Leadership training and development

  • We will develop and conduct leadership training and development tailored to your business.
  • Our team can provide professional guidance and conduct workshops or seminars on business management, management strategies and staff development.

Representation at meetings

Our team of professionals is available to represent your business at negotiations or other meetings in order to achieve your success.

Customer Support

Our customers are some of our greatest assets, and so we are here to support you with the right management team available to help you succeed.  Contact us Monday – Friday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Eastern Time) by email at:  info@gppconsulting.net.

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Let us get you to the next level for success.

Our talented team of professionals provides consulting and business management services to businesses, medical practices, charitable non-profits organizations (including churches), as well as to individuals.

GPP Consulting Services (a division of GPP Enterprises, LLC)

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