A Consulting Agency

Our talented consulting team is available and capable to help you to manage your overall business activities. Let us work with you in making your business more marketable in order to increase your profits.

We also work with churches and non-profits in aligning their current administrative processes with updated business practices.

Forward Thinking

Let GPP Consulting’s team of innovative thinkers enhance your organization’s vision and discover hidden opportunities.

Problem Solvers

There are no problems – only opportunities. Our talented team of innovative thinkers will work with you and your teams to uncover hindrances or hidden opportunities and develop solutions to help you meet or exceed your goals.

Customer Support

Contact us Monday – Friday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Eastern Time).  Email:  info@gppconsulting.net.

GPP Consulting Services 

Making a re-vision of your vision!

  • Our talented team of professionals provides consulting and business management services to businesses, medical practices, non-profit organizations, including churches, as well as individuals.
  • GPP Consulting Services can develop, market and implement your business transformation plans, provide business services as well as conduct leadership and development training.
  • We also assist church ministries become compliant by updating their business methods to meet current legal regulations and requirements, positioning them for the next level of business success.
  • For individuals, our team can prepare a new professional resume, or revise your current one to a more professional layout.

        Geri P. Peterkin, Managing Partner